Casaelya* is an anglicized adaptation of a Polynesian word that means "Hello, my beautiful friend". It reminds us that all of us are truly beautiful in who we really are and that we share the common bond of "friendship": with all of humanity. By moving beyond all the surface differences that so often unconsciously govern our lives and our interactions with the other, Casaelya symbolizes and highlights the common, basic, intrinsic core values that are always present in us. When we see the other and ourselves from that perspective, we move into a sacred space that is beyond time, one in which presence and intention is bound together in the eternal moment of "now". Living our life from this viewpoint, we live it from our "center", from who we in truth really are, and we see beyond the form of the other to who they in truth really are. We then see the true beauty of the other and of ourselves. This site is dedicated to achieving the realization of this vision.


*pronounced "kah-sale-ya


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